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SANROCK X105W Big Drones with 720P HD Camera for Adults and Kids, WiFi Real-time Video Feed, App Control. Long Flying Time 17Mins, Altitude Hold, Gravity Sensor, Route Made, One Button Return,

Product Description Captures higher resolution photos and videos, enjoy a live video feed up from 90m away with FPV transmission. Enjoy a maximum of 17 minutes flight time with FPV transmission off. The battery is easy to put or replace. Tap Fly is the newest technology that allows you to simply draw a flight route on your smartphone screen, let...
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Quick Operation Guide

How to connect drone with controller?

1. Install the controller with 4 AAA batteries ( not included) and set the swith " on"

2. Connect drone battery with drone, then put on the level ground.

3. Drone's light will quick flash - slow flash, then move one of controller sticks. Drone's light is solid, ready to fly.

How to calibrate the drone?

Before flight, Move both joysticks 45° to the lower right corner at the same time

How to connect with drone's Wifi?

Connect drone battery with drone, open the phone's wifi connect the siginal names Drone***.

How to avoid landing gear fall off?

Please use screws to tight landing gear and will never fall off.

How to know drone is low power?

When the drone's light is flashing, it is low power and please landing the drone.