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SNAPTAIN SP700 GPS Drone with Brushless Motor, 5G WiFi FPV RC Drone for Adult with 2K Camera Live Video, Follow Me, APP Control, GPS RTH, Circle Fly, Point of Interest, Module Battery

Product Description Brushless Motor Brushless motor features with lower noise, greater stability, and longer durability. Drone with brushless motor has fascinated wind resistance. It has better heat dissipation due to the construction. 2K Full HD Camera The 110°FOV 2K high definition camera helps you to see the world more clear, farther and broader. Enjoy a different world from a higher...
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RTH (Return to Home): RTH is a smart flight feature to help your drone land safely. SNAPATAIN SP700 supports 3 smart return to home mode.

  • [One Key RTH]:

The drone can be manually triggered to fly back to the Home Point when tapping on the RTH button on the remote control or on the APP.

  • [Low Battery RTH]:

When the drone’s battery level depletes to a specified level, the drone will return to the Home Point automatically.

  • [Failsafe RTH]

This mode brings your drone back to the Home Point if it happens to lose signal when connected to remote control.

Circle Fly: Circle Fly also means Point of Interest. This intelligent flight mode will allow the drone to maintain its preset distance away from an exciting object while automatically orbiting it.

Follow Me: Follow Me mode on your drone is a smart flight feature that allows your drone to autonomously follow you. Enjoy and record the best of your trip.

Tap Fly: Simply draw the dots on the APP, the drone will fly following your designed route. Different routes bring different beautiful views.

Electric Fence: With electric fence in the drone flight control system, pilot can set the safe flight area at will through APP. The drone will not fly out of the preset safety distance. Capture your consistent data over time in your APP.

GPS Hover: GPS Hover enables the aircraft to maintain a fixed altitude stably. You can set a specific height on the app.

One Key Take Off/Landing: Simply a tap on the remote control, you can start your flight adventure or land it before out of control or out of power.

Headless Mode: With headless mode, beginners can easily control their drones in all directions since this feature tracks the drone’s orientation with its transmitter. No worries about losing control even when it flies far away.